how it all started


As a former, competitive basketball player, Nicolas loved Magerquark. It was supposedly the healthiest food you could have as an athlete. Supposedly. 


Today, research has proved that dairy causes inflammatory effects on the human bodyThis inspired us and marked the start of vly. Soon, we started experimenting in the labs of a university, with the goal to develop the first plant-protein based quark alternative in the world. 

Soon, we discovered a way to make pea protein taste very neutral, which enabled the launch of our vly milk even before the quark. Today, we are a team of health-fascinated nutritionists, food scientists & ambitious change makers who all strive for a new & improved food system. A food system that is designed to make you thrive–to make you vly.



Nicolas Hartmann

Marketing & Product


Niklas Katter

Sales & Fundraising


Moritz Braunwarth

Science & Food Engineering